Razorcake *97 (Apr / May 2017) Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

Razorcake *97 (Apr / May 2017)

16,00 PLN

Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Sex Stains)

Michelle Cruz Gonzales (SPITBOY)

Bad Cop/Bad Cop



Donna Ramone the self-identified “resident Muslim among us” combats Islamphobia, the Muslim ban, and racism under the Trump tyranny.

Jim Ruland writes, “I no longer believe in heaven, but I know there is a hell.” 

Kiyoshi Nakazawa questions, “Who punched the Nazi?” 

Cassie J. Sneider hit a deer, (then put it in the trunk). 

Liz Prince exchanged drawings for ACLU donations. 

Rev. Nørb lists people, places, and things that would make a better president than Trump. (Obama bottle opener and slice of mac and cheese pizza in the first ten). 

Designated Dale commemorates William Peter Blatty.

Art Fuentes shows the many faces resistance takes.

Puro Pinche Poetry: Gritos Del Barrio (Edited by Ever Velasquez and Nicole Macias)
“A homegirl will never envy but instead be inspired!
A homegirl will not give up on you nor judge you!
Homegirls will teach, listen, and learn together
Homegirls don’t take advantage of your kindness
Homegirls are tender while strong”
–Esperanza Cisneros (From Homegirls)

Rhythm Chicken
remembers 9/11, 2016 election night, 2000 election night, and the power of resistance.

Ben Snakepit showcases his favorite protest signs. 

J.V. McDonough discusses leaving, being left, and lessons from dogs.

And photos from the lovely and talented:

Dan Monick 

Rachel Murray Framingheddu

Chris Boarts Larson

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