Fascism / Anti-fascism [Jean Barrot] - książka Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

Fascism / Anti-fascism [Jean Barrot] - książka

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Rozważania na temat faszyzmu, jego związków z kapitalizmem, oporu... Dyskusja trwa od pierwszej publikacji w latach 70-tych.

Barrot’s thesis is very simple; it is that struggling against fascism (in particular) necessarily entails supporting democracy, that capitalism will necessarily remain intact if antifascists support one of its forms against another. All manifestations of antifascism ultimately strengthen the democratic state at the expense of the class struggle; thus both fascism and its nemesis antifascism lead to totalitarianism (the strong state) not communism. Dictatorship, says Barrot, is not a weapon of capital but a tendency of capital.

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