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ABC's of Anarchy  [Brian Heagney] – książka Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

ABC's of Anarchy [Brian Heagney] – książka

28,00 PLN

Ilustrowane wprowadzenie dio anarchizmu dla dzieci w KAŻDYM wieku.

It's Alphabetic Anarchy!
The only ABCs of anarchy book suitable for children of all ages. Infants will love the imagery, toddlers will thrive on learning the alphabet, and preschoolers will soak up the content while learning to read.

Every page includes insightful questions relevant for children or adults. Whether you merely want to go through the alphabet with your youngest, or have a thoughtful engaging discussion about life with your mother, this book is for you!

"Finally an abecedarius to smash alphabetical order," says Agent Markatos of Crimethinc

  • język angielski