v/a "Hangover Heartattack A Tribute to Poison Idea" LP Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

v/a "Hangover Heartattack A Tribute to Poison Idea" LP

55,00 PLN

"Absolutely amazing compilation tribute to the greatest hardcore band ever, POISON IDEA. Here you can find band form all over the world doing your versions for Poison Idea's songs. Bands like Barcode, Godnose, Calibre 12, Blasting Process, Mata Ratos, The Hellcandidates, Tear Of a Doll, Rat Bastards, Diavolo Rosso, Toe to Toe, Ratos de Porão, Path of Destruction, Baffdecks, etc...The name of this comp. was the inspiration for the blog's name."

Barcode,Toe To Toe,Ratos De Porao,Kill Your Idols, Wolfbrigade, Paintbox, Bonehouse, Path Of Destruction, Diavolo Rosso,Godnose, Rat Bastard, Agrotoxico, 6000 Crazy, Mata Ratos, Blasting Process, Calibre 12, Bolzen, Baffdeecks.