CRIPPLE AND CASINO "With High Regards" LP Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru


Chorwacki noise dla lubiących Sonic Youth, Jawbox, Grils Agains Boys

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Croatians Cripple And Casino base their sound upon the rich legacy of American independent rock, with influences ranging from Sonic Youth to Jawbox and Girls Against Boys, to name a few. However, they’re not the ones to wear these influences on their sleeve as they’ve developed a very unique sound of their own, and With High Regards is a prime example of that. Noisy post punk aesthetics is obvious – half-spoken, half-shouted and half-sung female vocals, a strong blend of caustic, angular riffing around rumbling bass lines and plenty of spacious rhythm breaks. Kinda like their friends Analena. The ten songs on this album act as little stories with abstract yet spot-on and thought-out lyrics, backed by noisy, dischordant and loud music. A document of sophisticated audio violence, if you will.

1. … and Gentlemen
2. Of Adam
3. Brand New
4. Et Ideal?
5. F 23
6. Blood Of My Blood
7. Not You
8. Rusted Old Chains
9. Bigger Man
10. Crystalize

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