JUGGLING JUGULARS "Salute no one" LP Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru


55,00 PLN

For almost 18 years the Juggling are in existence now, and this fact makes them one of thelongestserving Punkbands in Finland. But even after such a long time this band has not become tired yet. They are restlessly touring Europe all the time and after baseplayer Jantsa has recovered from his terrible accidence they appear in the original lineup again. "Salute no one" is the best JJ album up till now. Fantastically varied Punkrock songs virtuously connecting melodies with power. Sometimes they are fast and angry and in the next moment there is a melodic and very smooth passage. The songs are technically perfect and varied always kept together by the wonderful voice of their singer Arya. The background support comes from her colleages on the guitars. Fast HighSpeedPunkrock occasionally influenced by Hardcore combined with political lyrics, always being unambiguous but at the same time avoiding any dull slogan. "Salute no one" can be taken literally and the Juggling Jugulars impressively prove they have become older but not quiet! The CD version is issued as a wonderful coloured digipack with all lyrics and an excellent artwork.

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