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CHAOS UK ”The Singles (Compilation)” LP

69,00 PLN

A band whose contribution to the world of noise and distortion has been rarely equalled, Chaos U.K.'s legacy still stems from their 1982 singles 'Burning Britain' and 'Loud Political And Uncompromising'. Theses are collected here, along with the complete debut 12-inch from '83 and their contribution to the classic 'Riotous Assembly' compilation. 19 tracks of pure chaos officially delivered by Radiation Records.


A01 . Selfish Few
A02 . Fashion Change
A03 . You'll Never Own Me
A04 . The End Is Nigh
A05 . Victimised
A06 . Parental Love
A07 . Leech
A08 . Chaos
A09 . Mentally Insane
A10 . Urban Guerrilla

B01 . Farmyard Boogie
B02 . Four Minute Warning
B03 . Kill Your Baby
B04 . Army
B05 . Victimised (Single Version)
B06 . No Security
B07 . What About A Future
B08 . Hypocrite
B09 . Senseless Conflict

Reissue of The Singles with added tracks released on Radiation Reissues

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