COJONES ”Resonate” LP Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

COJONES ”Resonate” LP

60,00 PLN

stoner z Zagrzebia

This third full album takes the band into new and exciting places and pays homage to the band members influences. Although new, “Resonate” has a fine patina usually associated with an anthology album. New and imaginative arrangements breathe through rock history, something that younger and older audience alike might find irresistible. From the album opener “Providence”, where harmonies bravely rub shoulders with Jefferson Airplane to “Wait a While” as if forged in the laboratory of early Black Sabbath, to the mighty Soundgarden-esque “Origin of Fire”, Cojones take us on a voyage of discovery, an unknown adventure yet one that hugs you and keeps you warm. And if you thought that is it, you would be wrong.

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