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DISCHARGE "Live 2014" LP

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"Discharge" need no introduction. UK hardcore punk classic and probably the root for a hell lot genres such like CRUST, D BEAT, MANGEL ... whatever you call it. - Since 2014 the band got a new line up and this line up proves to be the very best since the band appeared in the early eighties . The new singer reminds alot of "Cal" and he's doing a fantastic job if you are nerdy enough to dig the new modern DISCHARGE.

This is a professional mixing desk recording made by Manu Studio Camembert in Rennes during the Mass Prod Festival September 27, 2014. The sound and power if this recording are amazing and the bands plays a furious set through all their classics and a few new ones thrown in. This is a live recording that makes sense and kicks as much butt as the originals! Play Loud! LP comes with 21 tracks in 45 minutes!

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