FALL OF EFRAFA "Elil" 2xLP Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru


115,00 PLN

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Back in press for the 3rd time round! The follow up of their 2006 "Owsla" LP, part 2 in a trilogy known as " The Warren of Snares". 3 new songs, which are in fact quite long, as they are divided on 3 sides of this Double LP, with the forth side as a beautiful etching. Covered in a beautiful package with screenprints and lyric sheet. One of the most outstanding and best modern crust bands I heard recently. Political and musically very inspired by darkened slow motion crust / hardcore. Neurosis comes to mind, mixed with a high of melancholic "Godspeed... " bursting into d-beat drummed crust.

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