CHAOTIC END ”In Front Of Paranoia” LP Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

CHAOTIC END ”In Front Of Paranoia” LP

49,00 PLN

Another classic rereleased! CHAOTIC END formed in 1989 were the greek
answer to AMEBIX and played a similar style of ultra heavy, athmosfearic
but shredding political crust and hardcorepunk.In my opinion they were
one of the most convincing bands of that genre. This is their one and
only vinyl-output they did in 1993 on Wipe Out Records. It captures the
band on their high-point after two already excellent demo-K7s. On here
the 3-piece deliver 9 songs of extraordinarily good Crust-Metal - 3 long
brooding bits on the A-side followed by 6 heavy galloping anarcho-crust
pieces with harsh and raspy vocals on the B-side. Music that makes no
prisoners influenced by bands such as Amebix or Axegrinder on one- and
Doom or the good old swedish mangel of the early 1980ies on the other
end forged together to something of their own. 1996 they sadly ceased to
exist. In 2014 after 18 years of silence they picked up their arms again
and played a convincing live-set – more to follow! Here's their classic
and sought after LP finally available again! Comes with original
sleeve-artwork, insert plus an additional poster. Licensed from Wipe Out

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