LIGHT BEARER / NORTHLESS  split LP 180gr Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru


59,00 PLN

With the song "Celestium Apocrypha: Book of watchers" Light Bearer
finally set new sign of life that lasts for nearly 22 minutes. Musically
you should be prepared for distorted soundscapes, heavy guitar riffs,
mystic vocal-arrangements guided by a strong voice and an emphasized
union of drum and bass lines. All those ingredients lead into an
uplifting interaction of skilful played instruments that defines Light
Bearer's own version of today's Post-Hardcore. Another strike that
succeeded on full scale.  Northless contribute two new songs for this
split. Their first recordings since the "Clandestine Abuse" album and it
shows growth and depth as well as the well forged rage and inherent
sadness they’ve become known for musically. Northless play heavy
despaired down-tuned sludge metal, that sometimes cut loose in very
little moments of melancholy just to pulverize everything that stands in
their way. Unbelievable powerful if you regard that Northless is a
three-piece band. This split-release is housed in a skillful package
that was designed by Alex CF and marks another beauty of our
release-section and your record-collection. 180 Gram Vinyl, heavy

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