JUGGLING JUGULARS "The First Decade" LP Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru


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Compilation of a very long Bandhistory! Juggling Jugulars are one of the
most outstanding DIY-Punk-Bands in Europe and one of the oldest (still
active) punk bands from Finland. This LP is a compilation of their older
songs that were made between 1990-1999, before Arja joined the band.
Musically JUGJUG where quite similar compared to their more recent
style. Very thoughtful and unique melodic but heavy and angry political
punk-rock. 18 tracks in total, lifted from previous releases and are
kind of a "best of" even if i'm missing a few songs, especially
"Popularized Fascism" which was the first song i ever heard of this
fantastic band (and mostly great friends)... anyway, this come in a
gatefold, w/ lyrics and liner notes, cover pix and photos and is
dedicated to Jantsa (RIP) ... get this!

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