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EASPA MEASA from Dublin, Ireland are super female / male vocaled

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EASPA MEASA from Dublin, Ireland are super female / male vocaled political hardcore 5 piece, and they play amazing crusty melodic hardcore fury. If their sounds are described, it is a sound like Disaffect meets Submission Hold based on Tragedy! (but this is a comparison not significant at all. It will be understood if you touch this band). The 2 songs of this split 7" is re-recording of "Dead Inside" & "Maggots and Worms" from their "Renounce & Dethrone" demo, and these are faster and louder than the demo. their unrelenting lyrics are in English and speak about the police that increase control, our struggle in this world based on greed, violence and power. With Japanese translations of their lyrics of course. An excellent artwork by Glyn of THE DAGDA. By the way, this band's name is traditional Irish language (not spoken by many people any more in Ireland), it is translates as "Lack Of Respect" in English, and pronounced "Ah-spa Mah-sa". NEMETONA is a Japanese female fronted raging crustcore attack. Female vocalist named the "Ascum"-- her insane powerful shout is a charm of this band. Their 3 songs are first recording after the bassist joins, and it becomes a new line up. Moreover, it is a first real recording as for the band. When I saw this band for the first time in "Crust Night 2004" that "Tribal War Asia" organized, and I decided to do release of them in the mind. Their show was awesome. I'm very excited because I achieved the release of this 7" that becomes release of Acclaim's first Japanese band also.

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