SELF DEFENSE FAMILY "Indoor Wind Chimes b/w Cottaging" 7"EP Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

SELF DEFENSE FAMILY "Indoor Wind Chimes b/w Cottaging" 7"EP

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Recorded by Jamie Savage at Chem 19 Studios (Franz Ferdinand, Arab Strap) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Challenging is one of the best words to use when describing Self Defense Family. With this release, vocalist/lyricist Patrick Kindlon and Company continue down their seemingly limitless creative road.

Opener “Indoor Wind Chimes” paints a brutal yet honest picture of the end of days. Poetically exploring the rarely discussed politics of dying on a foundation of a beautiful melodious riff. B-Side “Cottaging” is some of Self Defense Family’s best work to date. In it Kindlon, tells his tale of a staling relationship amid complicated mistakes. Through his gift of unflinching realism, he makes his brand of self deprecation a touching and emotional work of art. Without a doubt, this is another stellar release from one of today’s most prolific underground bands.

01. Indoor Wind Chimes
02. Cottaging