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v/a "Anti-Society, Anarcho punk Vol.3" CD

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Third in the series chronicling the best of 80s anarcho-punk. 23 tracks of which 11 are previously unreleased packaged in a 24-page booklet. A mixture of better known bandse.g. Icons Of Filth, Oi Polloi, Alternative, Icon AD and lesser known but equally talented e.g. The Apostles, Karma Sutra, Exit-Stance and Part 1. ‘Anti-Society’ is the third release in Overground Record’s critically acclaimed Anarcho-Punk series that is chronicling and serving as the definitive guide to the 1980s Anarcho-Punk scene. The series has been hailed by reviewers and listeners alike as the most important punk re-issue series in well over a decade. This important series is a long overdue, aural history document of an integral, important and hugely influential part of UK punk scene that has, until now, largely been written out of punk history. ‘Anti-Society’ has, like previous releases in the series, been pain-stakingly compiled from over 1000 recordings from vinyl, demo cassettes, unreleased studio recordings and live gigs from the 1980s before settling on 23 tracks, 11 of which are previously unreleased and a 24-page booklet with detailed band biographies and many previously unseen photos. The CD includes previously unreleased and first time to CD recordings by some of the scene’s ‘bigger’ names e.g. Icons Of Filth, Oi Polloi, Alternative, Icon AD but is also an Aladdin’s cave of the Anarcho punk scenes underground legends; The Apostles, Karma Sutra, Exit-Stance, Hagar The Womb, Part 1, Andy T, The Sears and many others. The epic sleeve notes by Sean McGhee recall the history of the scene that felt empowered by the fact that it was attempting to move outside ‘society’, which seemed a corrupt, war obsessed and totally unfair place to be. The Anarcho-Punk scene with its rallying call of ‘no compromise with their society’ attracted many disillusioned punks and the resulting ripples of discontent are still being felt today. ‘Anti-Society’ captures the spirit of an era when the youth were in direct conflict with the establishment and trying to change the world. The sound is energetic and angry and often delivered with an intensity lacking today. ‘Anti-Society’ is the essential soundtrack of those times. Track Listing REALITY CONTROL – Forgive Us/ ICONS OF FILTH- Your Military/ SEARS- Not Prepared/ A.O.A.-Who Are They Trying To Con?/LIBERTY- Revenge/ DAVE ASGROVE BAND- I Rebel/ KARMA SUTRA- Fantasy Ball/ ICON A.D.- Seeing is Believing/ EXIT-STANCE- Christian Militia/ ALTERNATIVE- Where are your Hiroshimas?/ LOOK MUMMY CLOWNS-Sell Your Dreams/ REALITY- Acceptable Death Loss/ THATCHER ON ACID- Our Gods Are Falling Down/ PART 1-Salem/ ANDY T- Exploitation/ REVULSION- Out of Touch/ APOSTLES- Berserker/ UNTERMENSCH- Ashfield Valley Headkick/ HAGAR THE WOMB- Dressed To Kill/ STALAG 17- Doomsday Machine/ OI POLLOI- Stop Vivisection Now/ ANTI STATE CONTROL-M.U.S.E./ THE MENTAL-Attack .