STONEBRIDE ”Heavy Envelope” CD Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

STONEBRIDE ”Heavy Envelope” CD

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Stoner ./ sludge z Zagrzebia.


If you ever wondered whether combination of alternative rock, doom and blues was possible, Heavy Envelope is here to give you the positive answer to that question. If, in addition to that, you have an imagination that allows you to incorporate this combination into desert rock basis and imbue it with heavy and psychedelic elements, then you have a strong vision of Stonebride's new album.

Stonebride is a band from Zagreb that has been present on the scene for nine years already. During that period, they firmly and strongly followed the formation of one album, and lots of concerts. They released their first EP in 2006 under the name of Smile & Shine. That first release showed the band's affiliation towards thick riffs, pounding rhythm section and raw, sludgey wall of sound which provided the band with quite a following within the music genre. The casters that keep the Stonebride machine going have been embodied in band members Siniša Krneta (vocals, guitars), Tješimir Mendaš (guitar), Alen Nužda (bass) and Stjepan Kolobarić (drums).

They strongly stepped into the fourth stage of their publish then perform path and released their fourth album Heavy Envelope, after which they are going to do some concerts. This piece of music carries six songs, and it has a base in band's omnipresent philosophy, enriched with somewhat different sound. Also, the balance between vocals and guitar work of both Siniša and Tješimir are very noticeable. Siniša got a more significant role on Heavy Envelope. His vocal carries the listeners through the album, while other band members made sure to maintain and reinforce the strong and fearsome music construction, not leaving any opportunities of getting bored to anyone who took some time to listen to this album.

For production and release duties, Stonebride turned to some domestic and foreign record labels. They connected people from PDV Records and Setalight Records, who joined their forces and decided to boost the holiday joy to all fans of the mighty sound and released Heavy Envelope in December 2014. Intro song Movies, Movies easily announces the vocal enrichment, while the outro song Venomous shows loyalty to fans of killer riffs, musical interplay enriched with serious grooves as well as jam/psych collaboration between two guitars.

Heavy Envelope is the album that offers a few fruitful options. The first one is the possibility to enrich your existing rock music collection. The second is to give yourself a gift of a different, but domestic sound that does not lag behind any of their foreign colleagues. The third, but not less important, is to listen to this album as an introductory literature of the sound and work of this band that simply makes you to take a retrograde look on other Stonebride's releases.

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