Antena Krzyku * 5/2000 - zine View full size

Antena Krzyku * 5/2000 - zine

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Pełny program płyty:
Legendary Pink Dots "When I'm with you" - "a perfect mystery"
Arkkon "Schlemmer" - "Rotunda"
Z'EV "flesh" ("face the wound") PREMIERA
Illusion of Safety "Immanent" - Bad Karma
Shadowbug 4 "Breather" - "Tiny Voices of Love and Fear"
Eyeless in Gaza "The Silkie" - "song of the beautiful wanton"
Nocturnal Emissions "shetani" - "futurist"
Muslimgauze - "Zeila dji" PREMIERA
Loren Nerell "Bamboo, Iron, Resin, Bronze" -"Lilen Diwa"
Lustmord "permafrost" -"purifying fire"
Vidna Obmana & Asmus Tiechens "in a blaze" -"motives for recyling"
People Like Us "A Fistfull of Knuckles"

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