Drunk Nach Osten *3,5 / Smrt *7 split zine View full size

Drunk Nach Osten *3,5 / Smrt *7 split zine

14,00 PLN

The final issue of DNO put out together with Smrt (= Death) no. 7.

DNO focuses on East European scenes - this time ADAPTACIJA interview (Russian / Kazachstan punk combo), lots of record reviews (ex-Yu, Hungary, Poland, Russia), Festa Desperato Polish tour report, Hungarian early punk story, zine reviews. Pity Paaya gives up putting this out...

SMRT includes Puntala Rock, Play Fast Or Don't 2013, Climax and Evidence Smrti / Brumer Todesmarsch tour reports, Wounded Knee, Vaarallinen, Menarche, Sick Gore Suffer and Stregesti interviews, Italian anarchists have their voice plus lots of reviews...

In Czech!

  • language Czech