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D.Y.S. "Brotherhood" LP

Red vinyl.

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92,00 PLN

DYS was straight edge hardcore band coming from heart of Boston.They where part of Bostons crew along with SS Decontrol and Negative Fx.They released only 2 albums produced by legendary punk producer Lou Giordano who produced bands like Deep Wound,Siege,Hüsker Dü,SS decontrol etc. etc...This album contains 11 great songs you can feel spirit of bostons crew they very reminds me on band called Negative Fx but they have longer songs than Negative Fx and on the song Escape they reminds me on the band called Void(Legendary hardcore punk band) .One interesting that many fans declared first crossover thrash albums ever released but i think that is bullshit they have same sound like all of the hardcore bands in this days but they where first band who played hardcore punk and changed into heavy shitty metal.This guys rocks on this album and i hope you will like this great band.Cheers !!

02.Open up
03.More Than Fashion
04.Circle Storm
05.City To City
06.(The Girl's Got) Limits
09.Stand Proud
12. Wolfpack

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