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80,00 PLN

First pressing on white and red swirl 180g vinyl.

Why Bother? is a new tricity project created by Bartosz „Boro” Borowski (Lonker See, B3-33),Maciej Szkudlarek (Lastryko, Logophonic) and Łukasz Kumański (Me and That Man, Mulk). Theband was slowly but steadily developing during the pandemic time but the Women’s Strike, whichbroke out at the end of October, turned out to be the final trigger. It made the band enter Maciej’sWhite Noise Studio and record the whole material on their own in its final shape. The process ofcomposing and recording took two days bringing in the music which may be described as a mixtureof noise rock, punk and psychedelic sound. The cover of the album was designed by AdamBejnarowicz, muzykografia.com, mix and mastering was done by Łukasz Kumański. The albumwill be released by the legendary label Antena Krzyku, www.antenakrzyku.pl. It’s coming up thisspring.Boro about the album:“Being in the middle of the recording process, we already knew that we wanted to express ourthoughts on the topics which actually led us to the studio and to create the music that would soundas it does. We made a decision that all “vocals” should be given to the guests, so we decided toinvite different artists to particular songs. As a result, the album is extremely emotional and up todate. To be honest, it’s the most important thing I’ve recorded so far. Among the guests you willhear: Paula Rebellato (Rakta), Joanna Kucharska (Lonker See), Bibi (Hanako)

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