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On 29th April 2016, legendary Polish independent label Antena Krzyku will release the 10th album of Masala Soundsystem – „Ziemia Na Sprzedaż” (which in Polish can mean both „land for sale” and Earth for sale”). It will be the first „regular” album released by this well-known collective since 2008 and „Cały Ten Świat” album (however, between 2008 and 2016 the band released a remix album and a number of internet releases related to international projects of the band). The group stays true to its original „manifesto” from 2002 – so „Ziemia Na Sprzedaż” is a set of tunes which are „wise with anger”. In terms of music, they combine traditional ethnic instruments and performative techniques from Poland, Middle East, India, Balkans, etc. with modern electronic music. Polish and English lyrics heard on the album express a critical view on a number of social and economical matters which form real and sad face of modern world. The release is enriched by guest performances of talented musicians from Turkey (Mehmet Polat), Slovakia (3CK) Hungary (Aron Szilagyi) and Poland (Shata QS). Artowrk of the album was created by critically acclaimed and internationally known Polish illustrator Rafał Wechterowicz (Too Many Skulls). „Ziemia Na Sprzedaż” will be available as CD, LP (vinyl) and as a digital release.

01. Masala Soundsystem – Born Again [feat ShataQS]

02. Masala Soundsystem – Zeitgeist (Jak Długo Jeszcze?)

03. Masala Soundsystem – Broń Masowego Rażenia

04. Masala Soundsystem – Boom (Of The Doom) [feat 3CK & Áron Szilágyi]

05. Masala Soundsystem – Metropolis [feat Mehmet Polat]

06. Masala Soundsystem – Kto Za To Wszystko Zapłaci?

07. Masala Soundsystem – Trans Asia Express

08. Masala Soundsystem – Czas Powiedzieć Nie

09. Masala Soundsystem – An Ode To System Error

10. Masala Soundsystem – NieDaSięTakŻyć [feat 3CK & Áron Szilágyi]

11. Masala Soundsystem – Been Around The (Sick, Sick) World

12. Masala Soundsystem – Alerta Antifascista

13. Masala Soundsystem – Wisdom Of Silenus

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