RANCID "B sides and C sides" 7x7”EP (red vinyl) View full size

RANCID "B sides and C sides" 7x7”EP (red vinyl)


7 Record Set

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To celebrate & commemorate Rancid’s 20th Anniversary, these packs contain all 7 legendary studio albums, re-mastered to be sets of audiophile 45rpm 7” collections. All the B-Sides & C-Sides have been compiled into a set as well - allowing you to collect essentially the whole discography, or just your favorite part of it, in this brilliant colored vinyl smorgasbord. All the sleeves have new artwork and each pack is bound together with a collectible printed leather obi-strip, and placed in a resealable bag.

A - Just A Feeling + Brixton
B - I Wanna Riot

C - Blast ‘Em + That’s Entertainment
D - The Brothels

E - Devil’s Dance + Clockwork Orange
F - Empros Lap Dog + 100 Years

G  - Things To Come + Tattoo
H - Endrina + Stop

I - Kill The Lights + White Knuckle Ride
J - Sick Sick World + Ben Zanotto

K - Dead and Gone + Stranded  
L - Killing Zone


A - I’m Not The Only One  + Battering Ram
B - The Sentence + Media Controller + Idle Hands

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