D.O.A. "War on 45" (DOA) jigsaw - artwork by Shawn Kerri – puzzle View full size

D.O.A. "War on 45" (DOA) jigsaw - artwork by Shawn Kerri – puzzle

500 pieces

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Anarchopuzzles bring niche entertainment to elderly punx and ageing anarchists as well as those who like jigsaw puzzles with a difference!

It had to happen. Two aging d.i.y. punk scene figures came with an idea to entertain themselves while solving some hundred pieces puzzles of famous anarchopunk images.

Each puzzle released with band / artist's permission, each in limited quantity. Imagine how much your children would sell it on ebay for if only the world doesn't collapse before...

39.5 cm x 39.5cm 500 piece puzzle, also available as a poster !

Talk minus action = nothing ! DOA, the legendary Canadian hardcore pioneers and still active today. The U.S version of their 1982 album has artwork by Shawn Kerri, mostly known for her work around the LA punk scene in the late 70s including the iconic Circle Jerks 'Skank Kid'.