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UNFIXED "Battleside" CD

2nd album

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Second album of Meinhof's other face. 10 short, sharp and catchy punk tracks. And they have something to say. Track "The Way I Breathe" was recorded with  guest appearance of singers from BETERCORE / BUITEN GEBRUIK, DISTRESS, SANGRE, SLAKTATTACK / WOLF HOUR, MORNE, D.E.R. / URUTU, REPULSIONE.
The CD is packed in gatefold cardboard cover with lyrics.

Unfixed is an alter-ego of a London based international punk trio - MEINHOF. The same line up, but the music is less crusty, more 80s UK punk infuenced. This is a set of sharp catchy punk shrapnels sung by a singer / bass player with a usual passion of the volcano giving its end to rotten Pompei world... A bit surprising when you see the lady in charge on stage - don't miss them live! Check: http://meinhofband.com/unfixed-shows/ You can see a video clip promoting the album here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raRPIQx5Wds We have some Unfixed t-shirts too...