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EPILEPTICS ”System Rejects” CD

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This CD compiles their debut EP The Licks, and the posthumous live EP Last Bus To Debden, which included 'Two Years Too Late' (soon to be nicked by Anti-Pasti) and the ludicrous 'I've Got A Target On My Back' ("but I ain't a fucking Mod, either"). The remainder of this collection includes live and rehearsal recordings taped between March 1978 and November 1979: the titles are better than the songs: 'Can't Stand Sitting Down', 'Get Nicked, Get Fined Sixty Quid', 'Debden (I Hate Life In)'. Hopelessly amateurish, the shoddy production and shouted gumbie vocals render the intelligent lyrics mostly unintelligible, while the band churn out the most miserable sounding, ultra-basic punk riffs imaginable. Also included is 'Tube Disaster', later recorded by Flux Of Pink Indians for Crass records, in 1981, a version of the Pistols' 'Submission' and, believe it or not, the theme tune to 'Andy Pandy'. Great stuff, although the live material is not for all tastes.

1-3: Spaceward Studios, Cambridge: 2nd September 1979.
4-8: The Triad, Bishop's Stortford: 5th September 1979.
9-18: The Triad, Bishop's Stortford: 1st July 1979.
19-20: The Railway Hotel, Bishop's Stortford: 11th November 1978.
21-23: The Speedway Studios, Romford: 31st March 1979.
24-25: The Triad Rehearsal Room, Bishop's Stortford: 5th November 1979.
26-27: Conway Hall, Holborn: 26th May 1979.
28: The Triad Rehearsal Room, Bishop's Stortford: 23rd September 1979.

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