R.A.P. (RAP) ”Front Page News” 2xCD View full size

R.A.P. (RAP) ”Front Page News” 2xCD

40,00 PLN

In the 1980 Polish punks started to play roots reggae - influenced by The Clash, Marley and Bad Brains...

This band (REGGAE AGAINST POLITICS) took stages like a thunder - they were the only one to deliver more energy than "soul" side of the genre. Took no prisoners, won famous Jarocin Festival 1986 contest, recorded a studio album and... split up.

Due to legal reasons, the release never took place - until now. True piece of Polish punk scene history, even if the music is Jamaican trip of Smierc Kliniczna. Absurd musicians...

More tracks than on vinyl + bonus demo recordings.

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