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SENSA YUMA "Kickin & Screamin" CD

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Sensa Yuma originally formed in England in 1980 and disbanded in 1988. In 1997 the band re-formed with three original members along with Jock and Ross from GBH. This formation recorded the first awaited album Everyday's your last day. In 2001, they recorded an Ep closing this epoch cos' the singer Pid moved into Spain. From 2002, already in Alicante, the new formation consolidated recording secondly album Up Yours. In 2004 it was released on Cd and vinyl in Spain, England and Germany. The formation remains totally stable from 2005 with Pid on vocals, Mad Max on drums, Fré on bass and Rafa-Hell and Teabag on guitars. In 2007 recorded their third album Safe Sound and In-sane, with a more powerful and hardcore sound than the previous works. It was edited in France and Spain and distributed for the whole Europe by Knock Out Records. In September 2011 comes out to sale their up to the date last work Kickin ' & Screamin'. Again on Cd and Lp, harvesting the best critiques that the band has received. The album that have an excellent production, offers 13 varied cuts that sink his roots in the best British punk of the 80 but from a current perspective. Nowadays the group is employed at new material that will see the light by the beginning of the year 2014. With more than 200 concerts with the current formation and played in almost all Europe (England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium ...). They have acted in important festivals sharing stage with bands like Bad Religion, Killing Joke, Rancid or Subhumans. In addition they have taken part in several compilations with some international punk bands as Discharge, GBH or The Varukers.