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Complete discography - 40 tracks.

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Kontraattaque were an LA Hardcore band with a grind influence that existed from 1997-2002. Like a lot of other bands on this blog, they are criminally underrated, even here in LA. Kontraattaque were pretty blunt with their lyrics as well as the other writings on their records. A lot of bands try to sugar coat their distrust and anger towards white america so as not to offend anyone but not these guys. They never held back. Why should they? Why should any person of color not speak out against unjust actions being taken against us? Why the fuck should we stay quiet when shit like Prop 187, HR 4437 and Arizona's SB 1070 gets major support from ignorant people that are descendants of immigrants themselves? You fucking swear your Anglo ancestors are native to this land. They're not even native to this continent!


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